Thesis/experimentation projects on:

Probabilistic-{Graphical Models, Programming, Logic}

In the Department of Information and Computing Sciences, different people are working on topics related to Probabilistic (graphical) models, probabilistic programming or probabilistic logics in one way or another. If you are interested in doing an experimentation project (7.5 ects or 15 ects) or an MSc thesis project on a related topic, check out Konjoin (be sure to log in) and contact one of the persons below, depending on your specific interests.

Silja Renooij

Expertise: mostly theoretical projects in topics such as Bayesian networks in general, sensitivity and robustness analysis, probability elicitation, qualitative abstractions, explanation, continuous vs discrete...
Matthijs Vakar

Expertise: probabilistic programming languages, probabilistic machine learning (see thesis topics)
Thijs van Ommen

Expertise: machine learning, causality
Dragan Doder

Expertise: probabilistic logics
Hans Bodleander

Expertise: mostly theoretical projects in topics such as graph algorithms, complexity, treewidth...
Ad Feelders

Expertise: both theoretical and applied projects (also in industry) in topics such as statistical models, learning...