Master Course Small Project Game & Media Technology

Internal Small Project GMT


The project takes place as part of a running (PhD) research project. For example, the student performa an experiment to evalaute the performance of an algorithm, such as the running time or output quality. Or the student may compare two methods with respect to chosen quality criteria. The project takes place at UU, supervised by researcher, to be found be the student themselves. It is an individual project. For the learning outcomes, see the Course Description.


The project can start any quarter, generally taken at the beginning of your second year in the master program. The size of the project is 15 EC, which is one quarter full time (10 weeks), or two quarters half time (20 hour a week, spread over 20 weeks). If you want to do such a small project, you must find a supervisor who performs the supervision and grading yourself. However, the supervision capacity within the department is limited. Grading The supervision and grading is done by a lecturer from the Department of Information and Computing Sciences, possibly in combination with a PhD student. To complete the project, the student writes a report and gives a presenation. For the assessment criteria, see the grading page.