Master Course Small Project Game & Media Technology

Company Small Project GMT


The project takes place as an inthernship at a company or other external organization, to be found be the student. We do not find a company for you, but you can find help via Career Services. To avoid conflict of interest, the company cannot be owned or founded by the student. It is an individual project. For the learning outcomes, see the Course Description.

The project should be more then just development of some software for the company. For example, there can be an additional comparison with antoher solution, a usability test, or an experiment about the effectiveness.

Note on ownership

Under the Dutch law, the student has intellectual property right on the results produced, unless the student and the company agree on something else by contract, possibly with a financial compensation. The project report (see below about grading) must be make publicly available for education quality assessment purposes.


The project can start any quarter, generally taken at the beginning of your second year in the master program. The size of the project is 15 EC, which is one quarter full time (10 weeks), or two quarters half time (20 hour a week, spread over 20 weeks). If you want to do an internship, please contact the UU GMT Small Project Coordinator. We will then have an introductory meeting with the coordinator, the student, and the company representative to discuss the topic of the project and for expectation management.

At the start of the project, student must register in Osiris. In Osiris is a workplace agreement form that the company and UU representative must sign.


The company must provide supervision. Halfway the project, there will be progress meeting with the UU GMT Small Project Coordinator, the student, and the company representative. To complete the thesis, the student writes a report and gives a presenation. For the assessment criteria, see the grading page. The grading will be done by the UU GMT Small Project Coordinator, in consultation with the company internal supervisor.