INFOMMMI (Multimodal Interaction)

3rd quarter, 2023/2024, timeslot D, 7.5 ECTS

Interaction is one of the most important aspects of games and simulations. For example, you can create games without sounds. Or games with no visuals. But a game without interaction? Not really. And apart from faster and better graphics, maybe the most important technological achievements in game development in recent years have been related to advanced and new interaction styles. Think of the Nintendo Wii's motion-based controller, the XBox Kinect's human body tracking, or the tilt- and touch-based input used for handheld gaming. Compared to traditional controllers, these new ways for human-computer interaction often create a more natural and engaging gaming experience by using multiple modalities that are also characteristic for communications between humans.

In this course, we will take a closer look at all kinds of multimodal interaction including the related relevant theoretical background, e.g. about human perception. We will cover the emerging areas of virtual and augmented reality and cover a few other trends (e.g., brain-computer interfaces). The lectures will be accompanied by a practical part where students develop and analyze an interactive multimodal system. For more information about content, procedure, and formal issues please refer to the description page.

news and updates

MAR 15, 2024
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MAR 13, 2024
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MAR 9, 2024
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MAR 6, 2024
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FEB 29, 2024
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FEB 23, 2024
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FEB 22, 2024
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FEB 21, 2024
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FEB 16, 2024
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FEB 7, 2024
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JAN 7, 2024
There has been a last minute teacher change. Wolfgang Hürst will replace Nina Rosa and co-teach this course together with Peter Werkhoven. The course starts on Wednesday, Feb 7, 2024, 3:15pm with the first lecture, where we will also discuss the projects and how to form groups for them. An email with further information will be sent to all registered students before this day.

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