The course is graded through a digital exam, two practical assignments and homework exercises.

With grades P1 and P2 for the practical assignments, grade E for the exam, and grade H for the homework exercises, the final grade F is computed as follows:

F = 0.5 * E + 0.3 * P1 + 0.2 * P2 + 0.05 * H.

To pass the course, it is required that each practical assignment has grade at least 6 and the grade for the exam is at least 5. There are 4 homework exercise sets. Five percent of the average grade H (on a scale from 0 to 10) of these four sets counts as a bonus. There is no minimum requirement for the homework exercises.

  • Only the final grade F is rounded.
  • F is rounded to the nearest tenth of a point if F >= 6.0.
  • F is rounded to the nearest whole point if F < 6.0.
  • The maximum final grade is 10.

You are allowed to retake those parts for which you did not meet the minimum required grade to pass the course, provided that the final grade registered in Osiris is 4 or 5, or AANV. The retake for the practical assignments should be handed in ultimately on Friday, January 19th, 2024.