In this course, we will use the research papers shown in the table below.

There's much more material out there (see this extra page: Further reading), but the selection below tries to cover a bit of everything as far as the course schedule allows ;)

Topic # Title
Introduction A Motion Planning (book chapter)
L.E. Kavraki, S.M. LaValle
B Towards believable crowds: A generic multi-level framework for agent navigation
W. van Toll, N.S. Jaklin, R. Geraerts
Motion planning 1 Probabilistic roadmaps for path planning in high-dimensional configuration spaces
L.E. Kavraki, P. Švestka, J.-C. Latombe, M.H. Overmars
2 RRT-Connect: An efficient approach to single-query path planning
J.J. Kuffner, S.M. LaValle
Navigation meshes 3 Comparing navigation meshes: theoretical analysis and practical metrics
W. van Toll, R. Triesscheijn, M. Kallmann, R. Oliva, N. Pelechano, J. Pettré, R. Geraerts
Path following 4 Real-time path planning in heterogeneous environments
N.S. Jaklin, A.F. Cook IV, R. Geraerts
Collision avoidance 5 Social force model for pedestrian dynamics
D. Helbing, P. Molnár
6 Reciprocal n-body collision avoidance
J. van den Berg, S.J. Guy, M.C. Lin, D. Manocha
7 How simple rules determine pedestrian behaviour and crowd disasters
M. Moussaïd, D. Helbing, G. Theraulaz
Flow fields 8 Continuum crowds
A. Treuille, S. Cooper, Z. Popović
9 Aggregate dynamics for dense crowd simulation
R. Narain, A. Golas, S. Curtis, M.C. Lin
Groups and coherence 10 Finding paths for coherent groups using clearance
A. Kamphuis, M.H. Overmars
11 Towards social behavior in virtual-agent navigation
A. Kremyzas, N.S. Jaklin, R. Geraerts
12 Real-time navigation of independent agents using adaptive roadmaps
A. Sud, R. Gayle, E. Andersen, S. Guy, M.C. Lin, D. Manocha
Evaluation 13 SteerBench: a benchmark suite for evaluating steering behaviors
S. Singh, M. Kapadia, P. Faloutsos, G. Reinman
14 Pedestrian Flow Simulation Validation and Verification Techniques
M.H. Dridi