Your final grade is the weighted average of all assignment grades as indicated on the "Assignments" page. Because I will grade the individual assignments/abstracts on Blackboard, your grades will automatically appear there. I will upload the final grades to Blackboard at the end of the course.

You pass the course if all of the following conditions hold:

  1. The weighted average (before rounding) is at least 5.50.
  2. You have handed in Assignments 1 and 2.
  3. You have handed in at least 5 of the 6 abstracts.
  4. You have given your paper presentation.
  5. You have missed at most 4 sessions from the schedule.

In conclusion, you can only pass the course if you actively participate throughout the entire semester.


To qualify for a retake assignment, your original (unrounded) final grade should be at least 4.00, and conditions 2+3+4+5 from the list above should hold. The exact retake assignment will be determined individually.