Time and Venue

Typically once a week, at 15:15 - 17:15 if we have one talk, or until 15:15 if we have two. But note that the exact day and time may change between terms/blocks, but should be fixed within a term. The location is usually in the BBL (BBG) building. Each talk will be announced through the colloquium mailing list, and through the schedule at the right tab of this page. Each announcement should contain the talk's abstract and exact time and location.
ID and URL of the agenda.

The CS Colloquium as a Master Course

Attending and giving a talk in this colloquium is mandatory for students of the Computing Science Master Programme. See here for the exact requirement. You need to reserve a spot for giving your talk. Do this well in advance if you want to make sure you will get your spot.

On completion, please notify the Colloquium Coordinator.


Participating in a relevant reading club can count up to 5x. Participating in a relevant conference or summer school can count to up another 5x.

If you partially do your study abroad, it may become difficult for you to complete your colloquium obligation on time. However, if your host university organizes a similar activity, we can consider to make an exception. Discuss this with the Colloqium Coordinator.

Student Presentation

You need to have a supervisor, who can help you with the topic, advise you, and give you feedback about your presentation.

Presenting a recent paper

Find a lecturer in the area of your interest. She/he can point you to an interesting recent paper from the area that you can present for the colloquium. Ask her/him to become your colloquium supervisor.

Here is a partial list of interesting conferences in some areas of Computing Science.

Presenting an experimentation project

Alternatively, if you have completed an interesting experimentation project, you can also present the project. Ask the project supervisor to become your colloquium supervisor.

Practical things

Reserving a spot: contact the Colloquium Coordinator (Alison Liu, H.H.liu@uu.nl).

Mailing list. Every talk will be announced through the colloquium mailing list. If you are new, you need to register to receive announcements.

Hardware: the rooms we use should have a built-in beamer and a PC.