Lecturer: prof. dr Arno Siebes


If you have any question during teaching sessions: ask! The weekly Q&A session is another great place to ask questions, do not hesitate and post your questions. But, please, no questions by email. I get more email per day than I can possibly answer, there are no guarantees that I will answer any email you send me.


  • [02-02-22] Given that the number of registered students is far larger than the government permitted 75, this (final) edition of this course will, unfortunately, start online. If and when larger groups are allowed to meet in person, we'll move the course to the campus.
    If you have registered for the course and you have not been added to its Teams site by the evening of 08/02/22 please send me an email -- from the email address you want to use for Teams -- that has in the subject the string [BIG DATA], your name and your student number.
  • [02-02-22] The website of the course has been updated
    • Announcements will be posted here
    • Details about the organisation of this course are posted here
    • The planning and the slides of the taught classes can be found here
    • The planning and material for the Q&A classes can be found here
    • Pointers to the literature can be found here
    • The exam as well as its organisation can be found here