Multiagent Systems: News

26 April 2024
If you wish to see your exam, you can come to my office (BBG-521) on Wednesday, May 22, between 14:00-15:00 hours (and not at 15:00 as previously mentioned in the email with your grades). Please send my an email in advance if you want to see come and see your exam.

26 April 2024
The retake for this course will take place on July 4, from 13:30 to 16:30 hours, in BBG-219. For the retake, you are allowed to bring an A4 with your own notes. Smart phones, laptops and the book are not allowed.

27 March 2024
Due to personal circumstances, I will not be in the Netherlands for the next two weeks. Tomorrow's seminar will be on causality (not emotion) and given by Sylvia Kerkhove. Next Tuesday's seminar will be given as announced by Nima Motamed.

The session on Thursday April 4, where the example exam will be worked out, will unfortunately be cancelled. The exam questions with answers will be put on the website as soon as possible.

The exam on April 11 will take place as announed. Tim Baarslag will coordinate the exam.

For the exam you are allowed to bring an A4 with your own notes. Smart phones, laptops and the book are not allowed.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you have enjoyed the course and wish you luck with the exam.

26 March 2024
The deadline for the final report of the lab assignment is extended to Wednesday 3 April 2024 at 13:00 hour.

12 March 2024
Please read the materials for the three seminars scheuled on March 26 and 28 March and April 2 (see the Schedule page). Send your questions for these seminars one week in advance following the instruction on the Schedule page.

20 February 2024
The lecture on Thursday 22 February is a Q&A session. We will use this session to answer your questions. Please send your questions in advance to Mehdi Dastani.

13 February 2024
The lectures on Tuesdays (11:00-12:45) will take place in Ruppert Paars and the lectures on Thursday (13:15-15:00) will take place in BBG-201.

25 January 2024
Thursday after the lecture you are cordially invited to attend the first lab session of the multi-agent systems course, scheduled on Thursday 15 February (15:15-17:00) in DALTON 500, rooms 8.08 and 8.09. The first lab session will provide an in-depth introduction to the project assignment and deliverables, so it is important to be present during this session. Soon after that, you will have to register your group and group coordinator.

22 January 2024
The first lecture is scheduled on Tuesday 13 February (11:00-12:45). The lecture will be on-campus and takes place in Ruppert Paars.