In this course we will use the following book on program analysis, in particular the chapters 2, 4 and 5:

Principles of Program Analysis
Nielson, Flemming, Nielson, Hanne R., Hankin, Chris
Corr. 2nd printing, ISBN: 3-540-65410-0

You can obtain this book from Sticky.

We may also use research paper(s) for topics not covered in the book.

Details on what material you have to study for the exam can be found here


Basic Installation

We use Haskell for all labs. The templates for the practicals work with Stack, which will automatically set up a Haskell environment. You can install stack with these instructions.

AG system

In the course we use the UU Attribute Grammar system a lot. It is automatically installed in the template through Stack. The documentation on the wiki is gone, but we have a PDF explaining almost everything you need to know about it. [download AG Manual] (thanks to Rik van Toor)